Truth,The Bible and You – Part 2

Okay, so the previous post answered why God gave us the Bible, but the next question is how do we know it is true? Before we get to that question, let’s briefly look at a few of the uncomfortable or difficult truths that exist in the Bible with which believers and unbelievers alike sometimes struggle. I won’t provide […]

Truth,The Bible and You – Part 1

If you are a Christian, then the Bible – every word of it, is true. Of course, the problem with that statement is that far too few Christians believe that statement to be true. From Genesis and Adam and Eve to Revelations and the anti-Christ – many, many who identify themselves as Christians harbor doubts about […]

Science and the Bible

Picture this – an ancient Sumerian observer standing in southern Iraq records on a clay plate an exact replica of the night sky he is observing. It is so accurate that modern researchers using computers can pinpoint it to an exact night several thousand years ago (June 29, 3123 BC). It is not just a normal night sky […]

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