A Reasonable Conclusion…

A recent conversation with an acquaintance who professes to be an atheist elicited the following comment, “Christians are  anti-science, I don’t know what you’re afraid of –  science explains everything so there is no need for God.”

Statements such as this are bereft of reason. First, science can explain nothing, science is only observation and description. Gravity preexisted Isaac Newton – Newton and science did not create gravity, they merely describe what is already there. (And Newton was by the way, a committed Christian.) When science pointed to the Big Bang theory as the moment the universe came into existence, many atheists rejoiced as if to celebrate that they finally found an explanation for the beginning of the world. But wait – the Big Bang theory only reinforces what we knew all along – that God created the universe out the void (Genesis 1:1-2). Once again, science merely observed, or explains, reality – it does not create it.

If science should one day ‘prove’ that there is no God (God forbid!) I have no fear of there being no God, deep disappointment perhaps but not fear in the sense of incredible dread – for if there is not, then my belief is of no consequence – I will be dead, dead, dead – dead for all time. It is quite the opposite for the unbeliever – if he is wrong, his unbelief has the most dire of consequences. He will see God face to face and then be cast into the pit – a despairing, hopeless and horrendous consequence of his unbelief. (By the way, my faith is not a ‘just in case’ faith – it is a reasonable, intellectually and experientially based faith – one of which I am certain)

Thus, the unbeliever is earnestly invested in his belief that there is no God because he does not WANT there to be a God. As a believer, I am open to the possibility of no God, but find the evidence lacking. Reason escapes the unbeliever because he is so invested in his unbelief. He refuses to examine the evidence with an open mind (Romans 1:24 – 32). God provides us enough evidence of His existence to make our belief a reasonable choice. He does not overwhelm us with so much evidence that He compels us to believe for to do so would negate our free will.

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