A Hopeless Saturday

I look forward to the Easter season every year. It simply crystallizes my focus on Christ, what He did for my salvation and the beauty of God’s grace. More than I can explain – I look forward to Good Friday services at our church. The somber, quiet and reverential service brings forth a sharp focus on exactly what Jesus did for me. The extraordinary suffering He endured as a man – for me, overwhelms me to the point of tears. And the extraordinary sacrifice He offered as God, for me, induces an abiding worship and gratitude that swells from deep within my soul. Easter morning brings the glory of the Resurrection and the certainty of God’s conquering glory – providing soul-satisfying  joy.

And sandwiched between these two days I find myself once again meditating on Saturday and my thoughts turn to the disciples and others who loved Jesus. Their world must have been so dark on that Saturday between Jesus’ Crucifixion and Resurrection. The one word that comes to mind is – hopelessness. How utterly empty and bleak must their world have been at that moment. The helplessness and grief of the previous night’s events must have come to full fruition that entire day. The One – who they thought was their savior, who could have freed them from Roman oppression – was dead. Others must have been crushingly disappointing to know that The One – who they thought or suspected was God had been merely human, hung on a cross until He was dead. It must have truly seemed as if the entire world was dark and that evil had conquered the entire world – yet again.

Utter, unrelenting and stark hopelessness. What else could it be? And yet – is that not EXACTLY what the world is without our Risen Christ? Indeed, indeed.

Imagine what it must have been like on that first Easter morning as the Good News spread. “He’s alive!” Everything was new, Jesus has returned and the world now – lives with Resurrection, Redemption and – Hope!

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