Giving Thanks!

Thanksgiving is a day when we all come together to celebrate with family and friends and bask in the glow of relationships, shared memories and full, warm bellies. We pause and give thanks for God’s blessings and the abundance in our lives. At least, that is the idealized version of Thanksgiving that we all envision. […]

A Silent God?

Are you in emotional or physical pain or some other kind of distress – worried about your spouse or child, finances, a problem with a friend, an illness, a job loss or some other vexing problem that is troubling you greatly? Perhaps you are a faithful Christian and you have never wavered in your faith, or […]

Do You Speak With a Jesus Accent?

As I have traveled across the country to various events or during my interviews with radio and TV hosts in cities around the U.S. and Canada, I find myself listening for and noticing the various accents and dialects that sometimes betray our roots. In fact, some interesting maps published by Joshua Katz show our regional linguistic […]

A Reasonable Conclusion…

A recent conversation with an acquaintance who professes to be an atheist elicited the following comment, “Christians are  anti-science, I don’t know what you’re afraid of –  science explains everything so there is no need for God.” Statements such as this are bereft of reason. First, science can explain nothing, science is only observation and description. Gravity […]

Abundant Living Through Forgiveness

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about forgiveness lately. Many of these questions seem to land on the ‘how?’ of forgiveness. It’s a tough question and a difficult task but I think we need to explore a critical step before we get to the ‘how’ of the matter. Beyond Jesus’ commands to forgive (Matthew […]

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