A Hopeless Saturday

I look forward to the Easter season every year. It simply crystallizes my focus on Christ, what He did for my salvation and the beauty of God’s grace. More than I can explain – I look forward to Good Friday services at our church. The somber, quiet and reverential service brings forth a sharp focus […]

A Holy Night

Ever have one of those moments when you find that a bit of knowledge you have turns into something more? One of the greatest delights and mysteries of the Christian walk is the way in which God reveals Himself in such meaningful and surprising ways. He takes my knowledge of some fact or event and […]

Giving Thanks!

Thanksgiving is a day when we all come together to celebrate with family and friends and bask in the glow of relationships, shared memories and full, warm bellies. We pause and give thanks for God’s blessings and the abundance in our lives. At least, that is the idealized version of Thanksgiving that we all envision. […]

Do You Speak With a Jesus Accent?

As I have traveled across the country to various events or during my interviews with radio and TV hosts in cities around the U.S. and Canada, I find myself listening for and noticing the various accents and dialects that sometimes betray our roots. In fact, some interesting maps published by Joshua Katz show our regional linguistic […]

The Winnowing…

Nearly every day as I read or listen to the news of the day I wonder – with a heavy heart, How has our country and our society wandered so far from God? I marvel that what is so plainly (and painfully) obvious to me and others can be missed by so many others. In the name […]

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