God’s Eyes

As I was preparing for a recent speaking engagement, I began by reading various bible verses to reinforce my claim that we could all use more of a Kingdom View in our lives.  I was searching for a biblical perspective to reinforce that the anxieties and troubles that many of us seem to face on […]


One dictionary definition of Hope is: A desire accompanied by expectation of or belief in fulfillment. Now, we all have hopes great and small – we buy a lottery ticket and hope to win or we hope our sports team wins the next game. In a more serious vein – we hope a loved one […]

A Holy Night

Ever have one of those moments when you find that a bit of knowledge you have turns into something more? One of the greatest delights and mysteries of the Christian walk is the way in which God reveals Himself in such meaningful and surprising ways. He takes my knowledge of some fact or event and […]

A Reasonable Conclusion…

A recent conversation with an acquaintance who professes to be an atheist elicited the following comment, “Christians are  anti-science, I don’t know what you’re afraid of –  science explains everything so there is no need for God.” Statements such as this are bereft of reason. First, science can explain nothing, science is only observation and description. Gravity […]

The Prodigal’s Father

After listening to a recent message about the Prodigal Son (Luke 15: 11- 32), I was struck how the speaker emphasized the son in this story. I guess that it’s natural, after all – Jesus’ parable is entitled, The Prodigal Son. However, I think the title does a great disservice to the main point of His […]

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