Ouch! Did that get your attention? There probably isn’t a Christian alive who hasn’t had that phrase thrown at them at one time or another – often from someone who uses it as a premise to justify their refusal to accept Christianity themselves. As believers, there are two very important points in this regard that we must […]

God, Creation, Sin and Redemption

In summer 1988 at Yellowstone National Park, the park had a problem. For years, rangers, biologists and forestry officials had noticed a troubling trend – while seemingly healthy looking and beautiful as viewed from afar, the health of Yellowstone as a system was suffering. Biodiversity had declined, with fewer overall animal and plant species thriving […]

Where is God?

The absence of light is dark. The absence of warmth is cold. The absence of good is evil. God is good. We’ve kicked God out of our schools and there are sustained efforts to sanitize Him from all of our institutions and indeed the rest of society. We act shocked and confused when events unfold […]

Why are you a Christian?

Quick! Can you tell me why you are a Christian? Have you ever really thought about that question?  I mean, deep down, way down inside of who you are – could you quickly, easily and rationally explain to a complete stranger WHY you believe what you do? Can you convincingly state why you follow Jesus and do it in […]

Fearing Jesus as Judge?

It’s coming for all of us – death of this physical body and then that glorious moment when we finally get to meet the Lord face-to-face! But many of us seem to have more than slight discomfort when we think of standing before Jesus to face a review of our life and be judged by […]

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